Convert M4P to MP3 online with 3 clicks

If you need to convert M4P to MP3 and make it compatible with different devices, you’re in the right place. You don’t have to download nor install any additional software because this M4P converter is online, free, and easy to use.

How to convert M4P to MP3?

Everything you need for those audio files to be available is an awesome M4P converter. Luckily you have just found one. And now, to change or should we say transform M4P to MP3, follow these three simple steps:

drag and drop


Drag selected audio files and drop them in an upload box.

converting M4P to MP3


Press the ‘Convert’ button, then wait a few moments for a conversion to be finished.

Converted mp3 file


Download a new MP3 and add one more song on your playlist.

What M4P really is

What M4P really is

M4P is an AAC file extension, created by Apple, that protects its content with Digital Rights Management technology known as DRM. You can find these types of audio files after downloading music from the iTunes Store.

They can easily reproduce on any Apple device, but when it comes to non-Apple ones, things are a bit different. If you want to listen to songs from iTunes on your Windows computer, you have to convert M4P to MP3 first. After that, you’re free to enjoy your favorite music.

Why do we need to convert M4P to MP3?

There are various reasons to convert M4P to MP3, and here are some of them. The most important one is the fact that every smartphone, Mac or Windows, use this type of file format. Sure, you can reproduce M4P with iTunes, but not everyone has an iOS device. After all, there must be some audio files that are both Apple and non-Apple devices friendly.

If you are choosing music for the upcoming road trip, there’s one thing you have to know or do to be precise. Do you know what it is? The answer is simple, convert M4P to MP3. At least if you want your favorite songs burned on a CD, if not then leave it just the way it is. Plus, it's easier to add this type of file format to any video, especially if you are new to the video editing process. Last but not least, MP3s are a lot easier to transfer than any other audio file and completely compatible with Windows Media Player – world’s most popular media player.

Why do we convert M4P to MP3 after all
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Benefits of using

Now you know the basics about M4Ps and MP3s, and all the extra knowledge you have to gain is about what you get by using this particular M4P converter. Benefits are numerous, but we will mention those most relevant ones for your time, trust, and of course, your files.


Your data is safe with us and every uploaded file is automatically erased in one hour.



We take your time very seriously, that’s why our conversion speed is 3x times faster than any other.

High Quality Conversions

High Quality Conversions

Specially designed algorithms and software are made to make every conversion the best possible one.

Easy to use

You are three steps and a few clicks away from converting every M4P to MP3 format.

Easy to use


This M4P converter is a completely free tool, and it is going to be as long as it exists.

Countless conversions

Countless conversions

Converting M4P to MP3 is not one time job. That's why we made an algorithm that will allow you numerous conversions. All you have to do is to choose which files you want to transform using this M4P converter.

How to convert M4P to MP3 on Mac?

Did you know that you can convert file formats in iTunes? After reading this, you will be able to do it yourself. For starters, go to the iTunes app on your Mac device. Then, choose 'Preferences' from iTunes and press the option 'General'. Next, you have to click on 'Import Settings'. A pop-up menu will show up after that. From it, you will be able to choose which format of audio files you want to have (choose MP3). Now, you have to confirm changes by clicking on the 'OK' button.

All is left for you to do is to pick one or more songs in the library, go to 'File', then 'Convert' and 'Create MP3 Version' at the end. And that's it!

How to convert M4P to MP3 on Windows?

The easiest way to convert audio files from one format to another is by using Windows Media Player. First, you have to open the Media Player. Then, choose 'File' from the menu and 'Open' right after that. Now, choose the M4P file you want to convert and open it with Media Player. The next step is to save the file in a different format. You will do this using an option 'File' and then 'Save as'. A new window will open, and you will be able to choose a place for your MP3 file. In the end, press the 'Save' button. Congratulations, you've converted M4P to MP3.

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A word from our users

Converting M4P to MP3 is sometimes inevitable, and choosing your favorite converter can be quite a challenge. We know you want the best for your files and so do we. That's why we made an M4P converter that is easy to use, free, online, and super-fast. But if you’re not persuaded yet, here are some kind words of our users you might be interested in.


Angie Thomson

“Music is around me 24/7. I listen to all my favorite songs at home, at work, in the gum, everywhere. The only problem I had was a lack of storage space sometimes and the computer’s ability to reproduce music transferred from my iPhone. And then I found this converter. Literally you guys, I convert M4P to MP3 in a few clicks.”


Brian Dallas

“I am trying to create a brand of handmade leather wallets all by myself, and I do social media as well. To gain a bit extra customers I post a video to the official Facebook page sometimes. And the most challenging thing is to find the perfect music because most of it is M4P or some other file format. So I have to change it to MP3 first, but this super easy converter does that for me in a few clicks.”


MC Allie O

“As a DJ, I use a lot of tracks from iTunes so converting MP4 for MP3 and mixing music is an everyday process for me. Also, I always have to have some demos burned on CDs, cuz you never know who you can meet walking down the street. Instead of downloading more software I just upload track online and in a few seconds my MP3s are ready. So far, this is the best M4P converter I found.”


Katie Webber

“Fast and trustworthy converter, and the best part – it’s free.”


Debbie Johnson

“I had no idea why I wasn’t able to open on computer any of music from my phone and it was so annoying. Luckily, I did some research and found this amazing converter. It’s online, free and super easy to use. I recommend it to everyone!”


Joshua Bailey

“This M4P converter works just like magic and it’s by far the best one you can find online!”