About Us

Our inspiration for making the fastest M4P converter is all about enjoying music. Music is universal, so it should be available on every device. While M4P format is supported on Apple’s devices, to listen to music, in this format, on every device, you’ll need to convert it to MP3. We come up with the easiest way to convert all your music for free and without a hassle. With this online M4P converter, you can have your MP3 files in just a few moments. This is how we started our now successful company in San Francisco.

When this idea came to mind we had only a concept of how should this converter function and a ground-rule to be free. Soon enough we find the designer that made us the coolest design that was simple and user friendly. The development phase lasted a few months, and along the process, there were a few setbacks. However, we kept working out the glitches until we had finished the project.

Finally, we created a neat online converter that worked perfectly. The next step was introducing it to the world. So here we are, shortly after launching the M4P converter – fast, secure, and 100% FREE online tool available all across the world.

We are extremely happy when our users reach out and leave us a 5-star review, and hopefully, we will continue along this path of success. There is no greater satisfaction than to know that we helped someone to save time for more important things in life. Try it and see for yourself, just a few seconds is enough to have all your music played on every device.