M4P Privacy Policy

M4P Converter is an online converter that is completely free, and most importantly, it’s secure. If you are using the M4P converter, you comply with our privacy policy. In the light of absolute transparency, we will explain further what data we collect from our users and in what purpose do we use them.

Information collection

Information that we collect includes impersonalized data that is important for the services and functioning of our website. Example of this information mentioned earlier is browser type and version, referrals, duration needed for conversion of uploaded files, and date and time of the visit. Another essential piece of information that we collect is IP addresses. Your IP address serves us to connect your uploaded and converted file and authorize download. We might also use all the listed data to create statistics for our website that will help us improve our overall performance.

How we manage user data?

When you upload the file for conversion, starts the conversion process that lasts a few seconds. Right after that, uploaded files are deleted, and converted files are ready for download. You don’t have to manually delete converted files, as they are automatically deleted from our servers within 1 hour after the conversion process.

Security on M4P converter

M4P converter has already implemented all necessary security protocols on its website. The protection and security of our users, their files, and personal information are on top of our list. However, we can’t guarantee the safety of your files during transmission through the Internet, as no one can. We will protect you from unauthorized access and disclosure except if asked by court order.

While browsing our website, you might find advertisements from third parties. Even though we carefully choose any ad that goes on our website, make sure that check their privacy policy, if you want to share any personal information on there.

Cookies we use

As most websites do, the M4P converter uses cookies to collect impersonalized information from users. Another important use of cookies is to enable the functioning of our services. Do not worry; they are active only while you use our website. If you stumble upon some third party websites through the M4P converter, thoroughly read their privacy policy to see how they use cookies.

Changes in the privacy policy

While our user database is constantly growing, our service might change and improve too. This can affect our privacy policy. To be up to date, be sure to check out this page from time to time. Any changes will be effective immediately. If you have more questions, head out to our Contact Us page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding the M4P converter.